it happened

i could tell my situation
made some people uncomfortable
one invited me to dinner and said
ill cook, at least i have a kitchen
and my emergency housing
felt insulted so
i didnt end up going

so many of my little prides
were injured in the fire

two people have said
“I can’t even imagine”
in response to my stories
one called them depressing
well, i wanted to say
it happened

5 thoughts on “it happened

  1. I think I said “I can’t imagine…” but because I really can’t. Imagine, that is. But I did believe you. ❤

    You keep writing it down, Georgia. Don’t you pay any heed to those fuckhats. ❤❤

    1. i was not referring to you! i have a hard time believing you could ever come across as insensitive to me-you are the opposite. i used to think being sensitive was a bad i understand that it is a gift. you are a kindred spirit in that way, my friend

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