To my latest enemy

Dear Kelly,
I understand that you are anxious to learn why I plan on speaking with your superior the instant she gets back from vacation. You see, I work at a college too and have an office just like yours, except mine has a window with an excellent view. I would have never treated a student in crisis as cavalierly as you did. Every piece of information you gave me was also false, and this caused me great distress right before I talked to the dean and she corrected me.
1. The financial aid department would never tell me to “just use the money i received in September” to cover the cost of my house burning down or housing until Christmas break. In fact, they would never say that in response to any financial crisis.
2. You told me that just a meal plan until Christmas break would be $1800.00 alone. You probably shouldn’t have said that out loud, because it doesn’t sound right in the first place, it sounds cruel, and no, it’s not accurate.
3. The first thing you mentioned when I said I needed emergency housing was that I would be “alot older” than the other students.
I left your office in tears before I found several other faculty members to advocate for me. I’m just trying to understand how you made it to November with as little training as you did, because, frankly, i find it alarming. This information is basic knowledge. I started working at my college job in September, and I have received enough training since then to understand the discrepancy here.
Here’s hoping that you have a happy holiday, Kelly,

6 thoughts on “To my latest enemy

  1. Gawd! We have a new receptionist in our local medical centre. She acts all efficient and shit, which lulls you into thinking that she must be good at her job. But she’s rude and insensitive and is unable to see that in herself. She’s also instigated at least two anxiety attacks in my adult child and, despite me venting my wrath at her, has remained unapologetic.
    You’re dealing with PEOPLE, Victoria! Stop being such a supercilious bitch.

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