happiness is

you can note that my methodology
relies on spite and enemies
only if you also mention
that I have survived and I am thriving
and I wouldnt have the guts
to stand up for myself
or to never, ever speak to my mother again
or to talk to Kelly’s manager
in such a vindictive manner as i am
if my support system hadnt grown
into a magnificent well of acid
i could draw from and splash in my enemies’ faces
and you should also note that after all,
im quite happy!


3 thoughts on “happiness is

  1. I recently wrote a post about “blondes” (on the whole) have survived — perhaps in a similar fashion. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. People are “legally blonde” now.

    Anyways, I guess the point that I’m trying to make with this round-about way of speaking is that happy endings aren’t just for fairy-tales, but that they really do come true. I hope you get a really great happy ending.

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