Rubber band ball

I was so tired when I drove home

I tore off my side view mirror with a lamppost

An english man on the radio was trilling

To always look on the bright side of life

I thought whatever, fine

Meanwhile the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me

Read in simple black and white

“This will destroy you”

A message i chose to ignore along with the cigar I was smoking

And I still haven’t dealt with the death

Of my not so elderly friend, Jackie

Who went unexpectedly of a heart thing

I was a finely aged wine bottle waiting to be opened

Before the fire, which shattered my liquid out

And left me this cork which a dog got a hold of

And riddled with holes

This will not destroy me

But I’ll tell you what will

Another stranger I haven’t seen in years

Asking me twice how I really am

With a sympathetic glare

The stolen wallet, the man I had arrested

The side view mirror, each disaster

And present I have to wrap

For the secret santas, each of the three work parties I had to plan

When I haven’t even packed

To leave temporary housing

Is another rubber band

Snapped onto my core

Until I become just this giant ball

I take pills because yoga doesn’t help

And I don’t have time for dancing

I’m not sure which rubber band will destroy me

Maybe I’ll just roll away

It would be nice to see Jackie again


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