Thanks, dad

“Hey Dad, how’s life post surgery?”

“Well, it’s fantastic actually! I mean, I hate physical therapy, theres all these complicated stretches I haven’t been doing. But the doctors say I’m radically improving anyways. You should be proud, your father is part human, part robot, part god, it seems.”

“I always suspected that, even before the surgery.”

“How are your classes?”

“Aw, they’re all right, you know. I forgot to do my homework but ah…you know…ahem. Actually, I almost forgot to tell you! You should be very proud of me, too. I was asked to talk about poetry at a high school. I’m getting paid good money to do it.”

“Hey! Whoopee! That’s amazing! Have you practiced yet? If you’re good you could get more gigs like this. You should try to make it really excellent.”

“Hmm. Yeah. I guess I didn’t really think about that.”

“Yeah? Well, get on it! If you need someone to practice with I’m here to listen.”

“Thanks, dad, yeah–I’ll do that.”


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