Another new psychiatrist

So it’s another appointment

and another brand new psychiatrist’s assessment

in which İ’ll be re-diagnosed in under twenty minutes

she says I’m too young to be on heart medication

but my problem is a hyperactive amygdala

putting stress on my organs

and causing my heart

to beat like a rabbit’s

she prescribes yoga

and deep breathing and I say

you know it’s funny

I used to work out every day

but lately I find I spend most of my time

lying in bed

she says, ah, so you’re depressed

and the fact that she didn’t phrase it as a question

makes me so incredibly sad


11 thoughts on “Another new psychiatrist

    1. Yeah. Thank you for being someone who understands. Sometimes it feels very lonely, too. I appreciate your comment alot right now especially ❤

      1. your very welcome x

        it can be extremely lonely, the upside is, we find our own resources. these dicks don’t know as much as they think they do 😉

        & we know how to survive better than they know how to diagnose ❤

      2. Heres hoping-but iknow you’re right. I’ve done it before and can do it again. Thank you for this insight, I will use it as an important reminder on rough days

  1. This is beautiful and poignant and oh…it brought back memories.

    I remember the day when some random announced to me “ahhh, you must be depressed” and I replied “NO! I’ve been depressed and that’s how I know I’m not now”. That shut her up, but it WAS a revelation to me too.

    One day soon, I genuinely hope the same for you ❤

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