I am a terrible girlfriend

But the story doesn’t end there, does it?
as one sided stories from mentally unstable people
tend to not

I will not see him Thursday or Friday
as I have several appointments
in previous poems, I have been featured
as the patient with the anomaly
but rarely does it get said how hard I am trying

he says I am not a terrible girlfriend
because sometimes, I have sex with him
the kind of sex that is desperate and clutching
but that is not it

I am funny, and kind, and always pushing
and he says he only pretends to be annoyed
when I insist on kissing him awake some mornings
really, he is only playing a game
in which he does not love me
to make me try harder
and I am up for the challenge

so for him, it becomes a fun game
“I do not love you, I do not love you,”
“Really!? Well…please!?”
maybe the reader won’t believe us
but you’ll see when it all
just leads to more kissing
and then, more fun games


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