Whatever Works

If you were to call me when I was an instant away from home
and sweetly croon that you and the dog were worried
about where I was, I would circle around the block
feeling as tethered as a kite who wants to know the clouds

If you were to forget that I was meant to be home
I would feel lonely at every turn of the too dark road
thinking morbidly of the accidents I could get into
the white sheets, the EMTs, the lack of identification
and refuse to speak to you for a full thirty minutes
after arriving safely for the sole purpose of you
taking the time to wonder if I did

and then, if you were to hold me closely with both your leg
draped over both of mine the way I like it
and your forceps throbbing against
the most delicate hollow of my chest and neck
I would whisper, I wish our skin were sewn together
so we could get even closer
and when you woke from a nightmare
hours later, born of my sick whisper
I would shush you instead of anything soothing
I would be as obstinate as I usually am
when I don’t want anything from you
then I would demand that you drape back your leg
over both of mine, just the way that I like it
and we would fall to sleep again

and in the morning if you wanted to sleep
I would kiss your sweet head again and again
and if you became annoyed or angry
I would break down crying as hard
as the terrible girlfriend that I am
and you would love me just the same

I guess my point is, then
that none of this is fair
but oh boy, how I love you
and how you love me back