Announcement: A New Book

I just finished my master’s thesis, a poetry book called Softly Glowing Exit Signs. It is split into three sections: Fire! Everybody! and Run! These are based on my past, world travels, and present.

Out From Under
Grease Fire
Her Mink Paw Coat
Ghost Town
Sylvia is OUR car
Dead Fish
Bits of Butterfly
Wedding Plans
Quick, think of something!

Down in Costa Rica
For How Stupid I was
If you smoke, you will die
Your Favorite Memory
The Chinese Smog
The Barbecue
The Buddha’s Lap
Bow Wow
I just got back

Décor and Decorum
Ghost Children
Passing on the Wanderlust
Put the Newspaper Down
My House
This House
Ghost Children
Another New Psychiatrist
Pros and Cons
Puppy Supplies
Desk Job
Day’s Ending


8 thoughts on “Announcement: A New Book

    1. Thanks Christine-i might have jumped the gun just a bit…looks like it’ll be edited and finished end of May/early june so there’s plenty of time

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