I just won’t be an aunt

I wish I didn’t have any time to waste in London

because now I’m forced to outright admit

that I’d rather see that Turkish girl I partied with when I was twenty

or even that Italian clerk I danced with in his cafe the last time I had a layover in England

than to reconcile with my brother and meet his first baby

and that even though the first two options have proven unavailable

and I’ll have so very much time to fill

I still won’t do it


8 thoughts on “I just won’t be an aunt

  1. I get this so much more than you’d think!! And you’re going to be in the next country from ME? – albeit hundreds of miles away. Hope you find a little time to dance etc x

    1. It was almost Dublin! Then I would’ve reached out to you immediately! Boy, do I hate English food. Ill have to pack a lunch if I want to be able to dance after eating there. x_x Thanks Spooky

      1. I’m not sure if it is? I can be in either cities in just over an hour (by air) but haven’t been in Ireland since I was a child. I adore London and go there often.

      2. Well I just looked up a map of the United kingdom and I think it’s time for me to be quiet and settle down x_x

      3. Hahaha x People often think Scotland is this tiny little place but it takes me almost 3 hours to drive to where my eldest daughter lives – she’s in Edinburgh, I’m in Aberdeen. I know Scotland and the UK are pretty small compared to the States, but it’s big to me. X

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