Feed Me!

It’s not that I’m unimpressed by food
it’s that I’m nonplussed by the American cuisine
if you can call it that (potato salad? macaroni and cheese?)
which I am most often offered, and which tragically
my friends usually want when we go out to eat
to a Colosseum of a restaurant which showcases
the bastardization of Italian food and ultimately, it’s death
pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salad, it’s all so bland

give me grilled mackerel so oily that it stains the paper
it is served in, wrap it in a burrito of red cabbage
throw some seaweed in and add slices of any sweet potato
purple, white, yellow, orange, I don’t care what color
hand me the hot sauce and watch me dig in

or, honey, if it’s Friday and we decide to go out
please take me to that Korean restaurant
so I can order kimchi jiggae or stinky tofu stew
and don’t complain that it smells
or that there’s nothing there you can eat
kimchi, radish, onions, beef, red broth so spicy
my sinuses go weak-Oh, honey, feed me!


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