At Least I’m not Listless!

I hate old men who pride themselves
on trying to bag barely legal girls
or more aptly called, cowardly predators
and pedophiles barely avoiding jail
I hate men who cheat on both their wives and mistresses
leaving two women needlessly devastated
until they meet and become best friends
I hate men who think that beauty is anything other than what it is
particularly when they think it can be found in
a peroxide bottle, a plastic surgeon, an eating disorder, and a tan

I love animals, red licorice, breakfast in the mornings, fiction
complicated, angry, fiercely loyal woman
and dumb, sweet men who love to listen
I love when the canopy of trees I’m under
covers more surface area than the sky, and wine
canoes, kayaks, paychecks, salmon and steak

but I hate that my list of hates
is longer than my list of loves today


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