My Poetry Thesis=Shit

Imagine you have stomach problems
in just the way I am a ceaseless poet
you have a stomachache at least three times a day
rush to the toilet, experience relief
flush it down and never think of it again

until your professor asks you to pull on your rain boots
and trenchcoat, dive into the sewage tank
that is your journal, pluck out every shit
you’ve ever taken and try to re-organize it
in a manner which is not only pleasing
but makes perfect sense to the reader

that’s how i feel about finishing
my poetry thesis

So no, I won’t be pursuing a doctorate after this


8 thoughts on “My Poetry Thesis=Shit

  1. I’m thinking, that everybody who’d ever done a thesis goes through what you’re going through right now, and, you doubt your abilities, as the deadline approaches, but, you just have to, keep on, writing, and just do the best you can on your papers, that is all that anybody can asks, good luck!

    1. Thank you ❤ you're right! The added stress of a deadline never helps me as a procrastinator either!

  2. Great Professor though…

    I was always terrible at sorting out the shit and so I never completed a degree. You’re not a shit quitter like I was! You can DO THIS! ❤

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