The Distance Between Us

the distance between us is closed
by eight years, on and off, of a shared classroom
driving through traffic to get to one another’s birthday parties
the careful selections of the gifts we offer, the poetry books, the business cards
and the pictures you immediately post of us on your social networks

but what is the distance filled with? I either don’t know
why we are friends or why we really aren’t

I am happy when you are but I am not happy when I’m with you
and I am not funny or smart–you aren’t with me either
though we have each seen pictures of each other laughin
or pretending to laugh when we’re together
and we are both graduating so we must know something

remember when you made fun of my best friend
for dating an older man? what if I dated one?
would you think the same thing?
would you stifle any confession I made
with a horrified glance? I don’t know
but I think I made a good guess


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