Please release him somewhere very far away from us, but nice and outdoorsy with plenty of food crumbs

We started this project together

Of filling every hole in the heating system

Of this shitty, old apartment

With steel wool

Spraying peppermint scents

And setting out little plastic cylinders

With peanut butter inside and a trap door

For the mice who have set up camp

My dog is not a mouser, in fact

I think he has made friends with them

And helps them accomplish

Their various nighttime missions

My boyfriends a mouser

But I broke up with him this morning

So what was I supposed to do

When I saw the first mouse

Pacing in his cylinder

With two handfuls of peanut butter?

It was kind of cute

But I didn’t want to touch it

So i called on my ex the way

A single mother calls her ex husband


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