Hey Jealousy

Who knew that anyone would get so petty

About the fact that I’m getting married

Right down to judging the validity of my dress?

I DID. That’s why we’re eloping.


Eat the Rich

How many hours have i spent waiting in line for foodstamps

long enough to get familiar with the grooves on the woodblock

attached to the bathroom key I massaged

while navigating my way through some of the undocumented immigrant families

I ended up teaching, who personally let themselves into my new apartment

to put together my bed frame and deep clean the kitchen

before I moved in after my last apartment caught fire while I was in it.

I didnt miss a day of teaching them while I was homeless

In a donated dress and men’s shoes which didnt fit

and here I am today, freshly graduated

teaching the same class

although my main job is now teaching college

I’m 100,000 dollars in debt

and because of my pay raise

most of my check goes to insurance and taxes

along with loan payments

but not too long ago I got free insurance

off the backs of higher ups like me

and I consider it a privilege

to contribute to someone else getting through a tough break

as soon as I get ahead, if ever

I’ll give up an extra bedroom to a foster child or a refugee

that is my goal and I’m working towards it furiously

and then you have people

hunched greedily over their luxurious tax breaks

calling people illegal

So listen close to me

if you ever need five dollars

just skip appealing to the rich

and admit to a homeless person that you’re hungry

because most of them understand what generosity is

This doesn’t change anything (but actually it does)

It’s just a piece of paper

one I’d be more than willing to burn

if it were a receipt with which my new husband could return me

I minimize by claiming its mainly for insurance and tax purposes

that nothing will change

except I have decided to take his last name

if only to sever myself from my past on the internet

I’ll now be sharing half of my apartment

until we can save up for the house he said long ago that he wanted

with an extra bedroom or two for my foster children

and my latest hobby is pretending to be a horrible cook

while in reality I am tricking him into eating a gazillion vegetables

I have processed and blended into a sauce

over what he thinks is spaghetti but is actually noodle shaped squash

Rooftop confession

We’re in private now so I can tell you

He says on the rooftop bar

filled with what looks like 20 year old models

It messed me up when you sent your engagement announcement

Because to me, you re the most important thing that ever happened

And I’m taken aback, flabbergasted

I say, I didnt do anything

And I think you’re taking this engagement

A lot more seriously

Than either of our families

So I guess I dont take that lightly

But dude, you re taking it more seriously than me

I almost feel like we should at least have a celebration

And no doubt, you’ll be invited

So you better just make friends with him

Fuck All Y’all (it’s my party)

My one and only is an only child

So we can tell his parents

In fact, they can even be our witnesses

At the courthouse

Where I’ll wear my favorite

Dark blue dress

And not tell anyone else

And my favorite thing right now

About my fiance

Is not only that he’ll allow

This quietude

But that he understands it

And maybe in ten years

I’ll decide to go home

With my nine year old baby