She deserves so much more than just fawning over my story

Her picture crackles in and out

As she says we have way too much to talk about

So much she cant even pick a topic

Then she says, Oh! Tell me what it was like

With your boyfriend when you went home!

Hmm? There’s nothing to tell, I said

But her picture cut back in

Her hands folded under her chin expectant

Her eyes all doey and a grin

Well, I admitted, catching on

he picked me up from the airport

With our dog and flowers in the backseat

And in the front, my favorite meal

From our favorite restaurant

In case I was hungry

And I was, oh my god,

The last airline didnt even feed us!

She sighs, you’re so lucky

And the stars in her eyes

Multiply exponentially

And oh my God

she looks so pretty


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