The big plan

What’s next in the plan?

Good question! Especially relevant

Considering I just found out

I don’t have cancer

(If I did I figured I could kinda get away

With just watching tv…

And the apocalypse isnt coming

Either until I’m sixty-I checked)

Ahem, let’s see. I’ll start teaching college classes

And taking them again

I’ll focus on improving

My spanish and grammar

I’ll give up Turkish

Since that marriage proposal

Was rejected-ill plan a trip to Rome

Since the other marriage proposal

To my italian American boyfriend went through

And that’s where he wants to go

I’ll cut down on my friendships

So I can read 60 books by summer’s end

Replace my sofa with that kayak

I’ve been wanting but didnt get

For lack of storage

continue to be barren

take up yoga for anger management

and maybe someday

Try to cut down on all my psychotropic medications


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