You dont deserve to read about my life

Mother, if you are reading this

Wondering why you are excommunicated

Let me remind you

of where the trouble started

At least

I was either 12 or 13

Suffering from depression

And you refused to believe my diagnosis

Or honor my prescription

And then I made my first friend

Which you were fine with

Until you heard we were running around

Holding hands

You picked me up from the mall that weekend

With a suitcase packed in the backseat

And said my father would take care of me

That you couldnt do it

You said it’s not enough that you cut your classes

But now you’re a lesbian on top of it

It’s not like you were a good kid to begin with

And I cant deal with this

Shortly after, I think

I shaved my head

At my new school in the hillbilly region

They called me some names

I don’t want to mention

Tried to force me to kiss a girl

At the dance

And when I hit them

They hit back

So I stopped going

My father would drop me off at the office

And I would wander into the woods after second period

So my father gave me up to my then girlfriend

And her parents

Because he also couldnt handle it

…I still cant talk about

What happened next

But I have no interest in ever

Repairing our relationship

So mother, if you are reading this

Stop it.


2 thoughts on “You dont deserve to read about my life

  1. Damnit!

    “And you refused to believe my diagnosis”

    I have never been the perfect mum but I’ve always believed my kids, even when they were lying to me (if that makes sense?)

    I don’t blame you for discommunicating from someone who failed you so completely – but I CANNOT imagine how painful that must be. I wish we lived on the same continent, so I could, at least, give you a hug. 💕

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