Why Weddings Ruin Toxic Friendships

There have always been two groups of people:

Those who are genuinely happy for you and those who aren’t.

For ancient reasons, weddings magnify ill intentions, cracks in relationships and bring old resentments up.

It’s a well documented phenomenon and a part of growing up.

It also magnifies positive traits in others and builds trust.

It’s not just my husband I’m committing to. It’s a lifetime of happiness.

I’m not talking about bridezilla stuff. I’m talking about people who change the subject whenever the wedding comes up. The same ones who act hurt when they weren’t told any of the minuscule details of the event that shouldn’t matter more than our happiness on the day of.

This is just a celebration of our marriage to mark the beginning of more important days to come.

I’m choosing a good man to grow old with. Why would I want anything less from my friends? I’m growing up. I choose goodness.


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