Fire and Rebirth

the fire is stunning
not to be ignored
red to yellow to blue
licking everything
I used to love
I wonder if that tree
was dead before
the lightning cleaved
it’s branches
now scattered
at it’s own roots
as if bowing down
for the fire to consume
and if so, for how long?
was it dead when I carved
my lover’s initials on?
and what could be more beautiful
and more horrifying
than this glittering deconstruction
of the ancient arrangements
which shaded my daily footpath
ever since i started walking?
maybe the modest beginnings
of the next year’s saplings
 this new exposure to the sun
the view’s expansion


3 thoughts on “Fire and Rebirth

  1. There are a bunch of Georgia Park poems here I haven’t read. The poetry gods shine on me today. Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. You are a special person, and I wish you all the happiness in world.

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