Normal Conversations

Hey, so we’re getting married in April and while I’d love to see you dance at our wedding, we totally understand that you probably won’t be able to attend.

Yeah, I’d love that too…but you know, it is a bit too far from France.

I get it!

However, I may be coming home for Christmas, so we can totally hang out then!

That’s great! Also, thank you for not asking me to move the whole date of our wedding. Because the whole point of this is that I’m forsaking everyone else and you know, marrying him. It’s not like I’m marrying any of the guests.

Totally. Who does that? Wait…did someone ask you to change the date of the wedding?

Yup. By 6 months. Not because they lived out of the country, but because it was kind of inconvenient for them. So now I’m excommunicated from another branch of the family. The shitter of it is, this is a woman who regularly takes 6 hour flights to do laundry for her adult kids and take care of their pets while they’re on vacation.

That’s rubbish!

Oh God, I really miss our normal conversations.


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