Whoops, totally forgot to take my medicine this month

If I were to kill myself now

A fight would break out at the funeral about whose fault it was

Itd be a whose who

Of who has been the meanest to me

Over the past few months

Versus who fucked me up most

From birth on

Then they would notice

All my prescriptions untouched

And say you know what

Her brain was just misshapen

It was her own damn fault

She was just sick and failed

To take her medicine

There was nothing

we could’ve done

And then, it being summer

Theyd probably go

enjoy some hamburgers

In the sun


9 thoughts on “Whoops, totally forgot to take my medicine this month

      1. You know, I’m not supposed to be on meds forever it was just supposed to get me through the rough time. I thought the rough time was over
        But it blew up

      2. None of us want to be on meds forever, but we should be stable for several months and taper down slowly so we don’t go through withdrawal. Just saying.

        And sometimes we don’t have a crystal ball to see what new shit life is going to throw at us.

  1. I empathize – I stopped my meds about 4-months ago now, still waiting for the insanity fairy to kiss me back to crazy. I think the funeral sentiments would be about the same however. Jasper Kerkau pointed out your work – he wasn’t kidding, great reads. Thanks so much!

    1. I’ll be sure to send the insanity fairy back your way when I’m done with it. I had to go back on meds this time and im waiting for them to kick in. You’re right, theyd be the same. Thank you so much for reading and writing!

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