A Latchkey Kid Without Even a Key? Fuck it

People who guilt daughters for not inviting their mothers to their weddings are assuming a fair few things:

1. That the mother gives an actual fuck about her daughter’s marriage. She doesnt.

2. That the mother spent years slaving away and putting a roof over her head. She didn’t.

3. That the mother always made sure her daughter wasnt hungry, and at least left a key under the mat for her to get in.

You know how I could tell the nice parents of my friends? If they waited while dropping me off to make sure I got in. So many times I got locked out and sat on that porch cold and starving for hours…and now that I’m as old as I am I realize how easy it wouldve been to make a key and slip it under the mat.

And I know too much about gratefulness and a mother’s sacrifices. Every single time I got a barbie or a pizza, I paid for it.

Oh mother, with all your trouble and strife, you thought to feed little old me? How generous! How nice!

Oh mother, I’m so sorry for bothering you again…

That’s what I was raised to believe. I’m fucking done with it.


2 thoughts on “A Latchkey Kid Without Even a Key? Fuck it

    1. Thank you so much! Too many people are funny about abandoning mothers and not enough are about abandoning daughters so this really means alot

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