Dont defend him-Only an asshole would do that

Did he force you to have sex?

No? Then he made you feel obligated

Nevertheless if you don’t feel good afterwards

It’s not worth it-sex is like alcohol

It magnifies whatever you’re feeling

By 100-if you don’t feel good with him

You shouldn’t do it

And then he mentioned the future

Without any plans of backing it up

All nonchalant as if it doesn’t matter that much

Your response was only human!

Everyone wants to be loved

We all want a commitment

I rail against her ex lover as if

I’ve never committed such atrocities

And hate myself for ever hurting

Someone like this friend who cries to me

I tell her not to defend him

I pretend I cant relate enough

To know that its hopeless

But all I can do at this point

is try to defame him


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