Rolling Credits

Georgia Park writes for Sudden Denouement and is the creator of Whisper and the Roar: A feminist literary collective (& outlaw poets swearing). If you say “Wreckshop,” she’ll say “Movement!”

She does fictional and non-fictional, funny, playful, dark, morbid, Trump related and non Trump related poems, with or without an emphasis on travel. So far, her poetry has been accepted by Pen and Anvil Press, Panoply Zine, Halfway Down the Stairs, Wraith Infirmity Muses, Anti-Heroin Chic, Offbeat Literary Journal, Pidgeonholes, Holy Crow Art and The Scarlet Tongue Project.

Rave reviews:

“Park is a cabaret player for the page….Her poems are agile, improvisational, and pleasingly untidy.” -Zachary Bos, Pen and Anvil Press
“Georgia Park has a wonderful talent.” -Jasper Kerkau, Sudden Denouement
“Put on your seatbelts, because this poet has a tendency to take you places.”-Michelle La Poetica, Dencity
“Fresh, driven, surprising…” -J.D. Scrimgeour, Salem Writers
“…a natural voice. I feel the deep sense of loss, search, and emotion [in] ..the raw openness of your work.” -Jonathon Starke, Palooka
“[Georgia Park] carries complex emotion through swift, abrupt line breaks, creating a palpable and thoughtful sense of motion for the reader.” -Tethered by letters, F(r)iction
“…Shit.” -General murmur in the audience
“I will never eat spaghetti again.” -Unnamed slam poet

She shares events, publications, performances and collaborations here:

21 thoughts on “Rolling Credits

  1. Hey I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Check out my post and follow the instructions if you want to participate. Love you GG, keep fighting the good fight, and no bad juju

  2. I must of missed this using the damn reader. Congratulations on your book; that is fantastic, you are fantastic. Quitting your job? Uhm, ya, not sure about that one love. But you know I support you no matter what.

  3. You’re amazing, according to my subscriptions… but they somehow don’t make it to your blog. I have come to comment quite often, but the page is missing. I cry for a while, and then I’m okay and I have a popsicle and I feel better.

    1. I have noticed you coming to comment! Thank you, Ward Clever, don’t give up!
      (But it you have to give up that’s certainly an effective way of handling it)

      1. I think of it as you writing poetry just for your subscribers. Lol, I’m kidding. I think of it as you writing poetry just for me. 🙂

      2. You must be so excited at the possibility that I might finally notice your blog-length love letter to me. Well, that time is NOW, and your happiness shall commence forthwith heretofore notwithstanding!

      3. lol! i officially adore you, and it only took 3 comments. now i feel dumb for writing a whole blog-length love letter to get you to fall for me

      4. Wow… I’m chuffed you feel that way, because I only had one more joke and I was saving it for the first date. I feel dumb for waiting three comments before making a pee joke.

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