GP (a parody poem)

It feels like it’s been forever since you came to the Middle East

And I let it slip that I’d read your blog (whoops).


Who would have thought I’d end up with the login information?

Since then, we’ve talked shit


productively, scoping out the competition

for signs of sedition,


taking adulthood’s traps

each time over outright collapse.


If this kid decides he is curious

he will use vast investigative methods

to uncover everything you’ve ever written

every haiku and any full length manuscript

and when he’s finished with that

he’ll root through your college transcripts

your childhood psychological assessments

and, if applicable, your criminal records

until you become the very best of friends

When She Smiles

I hold her hand during our whole home screening

of Thelma and Louise, which is a 2 hour movie

that I’ve been promising to watch with her for 8 years running

she walks me to my car afterwards and I say,

“Jesus, Erin, I’m glad we never got into trouble like that.”

she says, “Yeah,” hugs me, and then spins around

with a glint in her eye and some longing, and says,

“But don’t you think, if we traded places with them,

we could’ve done the same thing?”

“Yeah, totally. That’s why it scares me! Good night,”

She spins back around, twice, and this time, she’s smiling

That was me?

If I can be brave enough

to let him read my poetry

then I can go back and revisit

what he’s been reading

That’s what I thought

but I shouldn’t have done it


Now, i can see

why people are just relieved

to see that I’m still kicking

I could’ve died in April, in May,

and again in August


It scared the shit out of me.