I’ll drown my book

I didn’t want to come today

She grabbed my arm

Said my name

And said, “Thank you for coming.”

I muttered, “Oh no, not at all.”

She looked at me and said,

“Really,  though, thank you so much.”

They all signed a book for me.

The book was 

Conceptual Writing by Women

It was a big, fat book

I couldn’t wait to read it.

As I was leaving,

I opened the wrong door

To my ex lover and his lover

Grappling in the closet.

I smiled, said “I’m so happy 

For you, darling.”

Then I closed the door 

On them.

I Remembered what she said;

“thank you for coming in today.”

I should’ve said, “Thank you for having me.
Helping these students
Has helped me through a rough season.
They are magnificent. They’ve gone so far,
learned so much.”

I wonder why I didn’t.

I hit the road, started reading.