Ok, so we come from slightly different backgrounds

“I wanted to elope. I’m doing this for you, goddamnit.”

“Well I’m sorry that my family…really loves me alot and would probably love to see me get married.”

*intense stare*


“Did you really just say that?”

*nervous laughter on both our parts*

“Yeah. Should I be sorry?”

“Well, it was a little insensitive. But its nice you want to give them a wedding. Ok, I’ll book the venue. You send out the invitations.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel horrible. If it’s really important to you, we can elope.”



“Ahem. I said ‘Nah. We’ll get through this.'”


Compromising about how to celebrate the holidays


I am at a goth club on Christmas eve

Because that’s what she likes, and I value family

My boyfriend asks if the guy she’s showing interest in

Is some sort of pirate

Everyone is dressed funny

My boyfriend ascertains that this man

Is looking for booty

People really underestimate the importance of dog companionship.

Someone get me away from me
make me laugh and help me breathe
the medication isnt working
can i borrow someones puppy?

I need someone to rescue me.
I got a beautiful studio apartment for cheap
…but i don’t think i can take it
What i really need is a dog
to keep me from going crazy
that has always been
my most helpful medication.

do i really need a nice apartment
or do i need some help to breathe.
some happiness, some enjoyment

to fall in love with a puppy

theres no more beautiful thing
to play games and wrestle
to want to stay in bed in the morning
because of the way your dog is cuddling
to have someone to come home to
someone who you cant die
because you know they need you
a dog could save my life