We’re really scared

Tomorrow, we are going to the aquarium

For date night

And we revel in taking care of

Our precious dyed blue orchid

We move it from room to room

To avoid smoke inhalation

We water it in cubes

We have a trainer for our dog

We go on Wednesday nights

All three of us appreciate the learning

And soon, our debt will catch up to us

Over 100,000 dollars

And we dont know what

We can do about it


When in Crushing Debt, Think of Kittens

I don’t ask him to please not lose his job

Because I know it’s not his decision

And our bills can’t get much worse

And we’re both always exhausted

Instead, I tell him I’m scared

Then he reaches across the table

To stroke my arm, looks out the picture window

And agrees that he’s scared too

That this is the state we’re officially in

Just fearfulness

I smile and ask what’s next

Let’s have spaghetti for dinner

He says, it’s cheap and delicious

And then?

Let’s cuddle under the blankets

And love each other

For almost the same reasons

I mean, think about kittens

They don’t have any money

And what do they do for fun?

They just have it

You’re so right, I say

Let’s adopt a kitten

And just stay in watching it

That can be our entertainment

Isn’t that cheaper than electricity and television?

A One Seater

i reason,
i dont have to have any of those things
they said i did

i thought about cooking
just briefly,
i thought id cook for him
i thought about
hand holding
i thought about a friendship blooming
the kind that tends to bloom
between a man and a woman,
but for me,

i thought about a couple
of those things

but that was after i stuck the knife in
and twisted it

and now im looking for happiness
in different places

i think again
about kayaking

i think about it

maybe someday
ill find a river
and a kayak
and just jump in.