I’m so mad at you that I’m writing a Russian novel about the way you blew me off

She was my friend when you weren’t
not only did she say I could visit her
but that I could stay for months

you didn’t even say
it’d be nice to see you, but
so now you are the downtrodden character
in my novel, who will eventually die
all alone in the Siberian forest
from frostbite, maybe, I haven’t decided yet

but the important part is the phone in your hand
which will be bagged for evidence
by the local police department who will contact me
because after all these years
I was the person you ended up texting
at the end of your life, you will think of me

and I will say, sorry
I don’t understand Russian
What is this, some sort of a scam
no, I don’t want your prince’s money
in a lump sum and I wont give you my information
and I will hang up on them even though they said your name
it will have been too heavily accented
and too far lost by then for me to comprehend


My antihero

Sabrina’s been spreading lies about me

Little does she know our coworkers

Like me better than her, took my side, and called her a liar

Little does she know, also, that I published a short story based on her shortcomings

And used her real name in the narration-

She was the antihero in an ugly situation

Sabrina spread s lies about me at work 

But I really don’t mind

She is my inspiration

And it helps pass the time

Every day is jam packed. Someday, I’d like to change that. I’d like to slow it down, stop for a minute, relax.

Yes, I bounce from event to event
from man to man
my life is a whirlwind
i cant stop writing

because every time im still
i start to think
i start to think about him
and how he stopped writing
i start to think of past events
and i relive them
i think about my nightmares
when i look at my bed
and i know
it could happen again

so im just running
as fast as i can

Virtual Flirting

My readers have spoken;
less drama, more candy!!
get over him already
i guess it is time
for a virtual party
my readers seem to be
getting sort of silly

but i have to say
less men, more study!
and absolutely no parties.
and im trying to quit candy.
sorry. i have to be
a responsible person
but that doesnt mean
no virtual flirting

and thank you reading 🙂

and i fucking hate
M&ms i will NEVER EVER
write about them again.

(ok annnnd breathing.
meditation. deep breaths,
deep breaths.)