I’ll tell you what you do

How can you say

you have a fucked up

history with someone

when they might say

you have no history at all?


I’ll tell you what you do

You let it go.

You move on.

You deny ever

knowing him at all

even if it is

a very small town


someday, you’ll live

in a studio apartment

by the highway

in a foreign country

and you might be alone

but you’ll have your dog

and that’s all you ever wanted


I need the time in therapy to talk about the past, not whatever fucked up bullshit im doing right now. So it’s really a good thing that I usually black out.

its actually kinda nice that i blacked out
lost my phone and had to replace it
cause i dont have to deal with
whatever texts i inevitably sent
thats one less thing to tell my therapist
and this week im in for double appointments

im not fond of repercussions, and anyways
im gonna change the way im living
in september
so none of this shit really matters.
its just a fun summer