My boyfriend will ultimately be forgiven

For any stupid thing he ever says or does

Because in his mind, also, I can do no wrong

You would do well to remember that

The next time you try to come between us


He never left

to the ex lover who said
hed never let me end up homeless
no matter what because he loved me too much
even if both of us were married
who hasnt been answering my calls

i wrote “Yo, you fucking asshole
i was in a fire a week ago
you dont watch the news?
you dont answer my calls?
What the hell happened to us?”

tonight he got back to me
and said his phone was off
oh my god, is he sorry
he’s so sorry
he missed the call

Texting at the Same Time

ME 10:35 PM: Honey, thank you so much for making the bed and washing the dishes. It’s so nice to come home at the end of a long day to a neat apartment

HIM 10:36 PM: anytime

ME 10:37 PM: And I don’t know when you did it, but thank you so much for leaving chocolate in the freezer

HIM 10:37 PM: I sprayed it all with lysol

HIM 10:39 PM: the apartment, not the chocolate