Learning Turkish for Ayşe

Salam, ben Georgia!

I am learning Turkish

I can say nice to meet you

-Memnum oldem-

And how are you?


But if you are anything but fine


I won’t be able to understand

So I will say simply

Good luck with that!

-Iyi şanslar-

and Güle güle

which means Goodbye


The delights of English Language Acquisition Across my Three Jobs

A customer for the haunted house:

He asks, “What can I give you to gain access to your house of monsters?”

I smile and say, “I’ll take ten dollars.”


Teaching an ESL class on giving advice:

I prompt, “My mother is mean. She is angry all the time. What should I do?”

A student raises her hand tentatively and answers, “Could you be a better daughter?”

I say, “Ah. Yes. Good answer. Now, someone else. I am sad. What should I do?”

Another student says, “You could drink a soda.”

I ask, “Really?” He shrugs and says, “Yes. I love Coca Cola!”


Managing Employees:

The secretary says, “It was my birthday this week.

I brought you in some russian spaghettis and meat

from the celebration to thank you for helping me.”

“Oh, Inna!” I exclaim, “I forgot my lunch today!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing these in.”