Learning Turkish for Ayşe

Salam, ben Georgia!

I am learning Turkish

I can say nice to meet you

-Memnum oldem-

And how are you?


But if you are anything but fine


I won’t be able to understand

So I will say simply

Good luck with that!

-Iyi şanslar-

and Güle güle

which means Goodbye


shock treatments

iso this is what it is,
i wont answer your calls
i dont want to hear
my own voice shaking

i am like a little kid
who believed in magic
well, i knew
it didnt exist.
i knew that already.

so why, why WHY
am i still crying
im like a fucking idiot
i deserve shock treatments.

i was really hoping
you would be that thing
that just stood still
for a minute

but OH MY GOD,
am i dizzy