Everyone knows weddings wreak havoc on mental health down at the psych hospital

The crisis specialist tells me my regular therapist will be back very soon and I should try to wait for our appointment. I mention I’m just a little stressed about my wedding and she says oh…well then, you should come right in.

Same thing with the suicide hotline. It’s like there’s a red button with the word wedding on it and when you push it 3 doctors get ready to run up with a straight jacket.


Suicide Prevention ( it gets you at night)

I am too scared to go to sleep at night

Alone and without very strong medication

I need them both

Not because of monsters in the traditional sense

But because I hear talk of people planning to kill themselves

With my friends and through the radio

They say it seems terrifying now

But at the time to me it felt soothing

I can listen

But I can’t remember that I was one of them

And I am still just a puppy away from doing it

I have to forget these things to sleep soundly

Walking Pneumonia

How does an apparently healthy thirty year old woman

without an autoimmune disease

who already suffered chicken pox twice as a child

contract the shingles

which is normally reserved for the elderly and infants

and is excruciatingly painful

or pneumonia, bronchitis, strept throat, psoriasis

my psychiatrist says it’s from my stress

and the way I handle it

but Jesus Christ, how could something so psychosomatic

come so damn close to killing me?

each year it’s a new near death experience

until I finally decide to take a warm bath to manage my stress

instead of running undercovers

and holding my breath