My boyfriend will ultimately be forgiven

For any stupid thing he ever says or does

Because in his mind, also, I can do no wrong

You would do well to remember that

The next time you try to come between us


It’s cool, we can still be friends

If I let you hug me, you’d bend down

because you’re taller (which by the way,

makes you untrustworthy to a child)

swipe up my hair into a grip

lurch past my ear and slip

your kisser into it

slurping out only

the tastiest bits

of my gray matter

the ones you hold


for my constant

poetry writing

because you said

that part stayed sweet

while the rest of me soured


And if I proclaimed you

as an un-enemy

with something to

the effect of,

hey man, thats cool

we can still be friends

it’s only because i saw you

too easily swinging down

in black from the skylight

with knives in your teeth

the cool shaft of your gun

plastered to my cheek


in reality, if you lay your eyes on me

ill find the closest table

and curl under it

to scream



Maybe the Country

When I walk past, I realize I’ve walked

much too close to him, he could graze me

as casually as he samples the bars

this city has to offer-much too close

to my apartment. and im alone

it’s a mean, dark parking lot

my eyes scan a muscle bound chest

i’ve miscalculated the situation

my heart is pulsing into my neck

my jaw tightens-and i think

if i was a different woman

my heartbeat might quicken

for different reasons

but i find the nightlife


I think, again

about moving

which moves could

i make to get past

this person

and how much

safer would i feel